Anywhere, Anytime

Enter and track time from anywhere, anytime on a MAC or PC, iPhone or Android. SANDSTAR offers productivity and time tracking solutions for a wide range of users in the public, private and third party sectors. The cloud based application provides better flexibility and reliability

One click
time entry

Your employees can easily submit completed timesheets to their manager with the click of a button. Our IOS and Android app with easy to use graphical interface can help your employees to easily clock in and clock out time, add notes on the go and change tasks or projects in real time.

Easier Team

Helps managers to review employee times and approve them all at once, or one at a time. Employee paid time off (PTO), overtime, flexi-time, time-off and attendance can be easily monitored with a wonderful graphical user interface.

Enterprise Ready

Monitor billable and non-billable time and expenses to better manage all your projects, clients and working hours. SANDSTAR provides a single solution to accurately capture time for project costing, and to handle complex payroll, overtime and time-off calculations while helping your company to stay with HR policies.

Powerful and Effective Reporting
with real-time information

Our easy to use reporting engine gives actionalble insights at your fingertips

Well Researched
and Designed
Reporting Analytics

Export Printable
Reports to
PDF or MS Excel


Easy deployment to your accountancy
or payroll system

Monitor Billable
and Non- Billable
Time and Expenses

Role Based Views

Perfectly Designed

SANDSTAR provides the graphical user interface based on the user role in the organization. So the users get to see only the screens that are most relevant to them, which helps them get their job done quickly and also maintains the top management level discretion.


Data Security

Industry Best Practices Security in place which is the same level of security standard used by online bank


SANDSTAR application and processes adhere to industry best practices in security that includes SSL/TLS encrypted connection by default which is the same level of security standard used by online banks. You will never send or receive sensitive information in plain- text.


Multiple Back-up
Systems in Place

We have multiple back-up systems in place to protect your data. Your data is safe in securely build infrastructure focused on hundred percent compliance

Outlook AddIn

Click here to download our Outlook plug-in and enjoy our real experience

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